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Another CAG Creation

The Earthquake and Weather Station

Credits and Acknowledgements

A tribute to the many sources that make all this happen

There are many, many more, but these are the primary sources


NASA JTrack 3D
Realtime Satellite Tracking

WARNING: Computationally Intensive
Minimum Processor: 166mhz

CEOS Disaster
Information Server


The US Geological Survey

California Institute of
Technology (Caltech)


The Weather Channel

WSI - Intellicast

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Michael MacDonald's


ETAK - The Digital Maps Company

Amdahl Corporation - Internet Exploration

California Dept. of Transportation

Michael D. Walthius is a multimedia composer well known on the Internet for creating quality original music in the form of MIDI compositions. Music has played an important part in Michael's life. At age six, he started piano lessons. Originally a piano and music composition major in college, he eventually migrated to the West Coast where he spent six years playing keyboards in a rock band in Los Angeles. While his career path has currently taken him outside of the performing music industry, Michael continues to do occasional work composing music for radio, TV, multimedia, and computer games. Michael's MIDI files are all original compositions, drawing from a wide range of influences, including rock, jazz, new age, and dance. His favorite musical artists include Thomas Dolby, Dave Grusin, Miles Davis, Eddie Van Halen, Peter Gabriel, Janet Jackson, Jan Hammer, John McLaughlin, and Led Zeppelin. Michael's notable performances include playing with guitarist Paul Allen, also the co-founder of Microsoft Corp. Michael always enjoy hearing listeners' comments regarding his compositions. Please send him e-mail, including information about the synthesizer or soundcard being used for playback of his compositions.

Michael D. Walthius
Music of Cyberspace
14837 Detroit Avenue, Suite 130
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
E-mail: michael@keybdwizrd.com

All digital background music heard on The Earthquake and Weather Station website is Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 by Michael D. Walthius. All Rights Reserved.

Mr. C.A. Griffith, a Novell CNE and Microsoft MCSE, has had an extensive career in consulting, web page design and intranet/internet implementations, telecommunications, LAN administration and design. He founded CAG Enterprises & Associates in 1994, assisting dozens of clients in network solutions. He also taught courses at California State University Sacramento, instructing students in writing HTML; he also authored all the original CSUS University Library web pages and established the California State University Sacramento University Library's web presence (currently maintained by T. Hua and J. Hayes, both whom were hired by Mr. Griffith during his tenure at CSUS). Mr. Griffith writes most of his web pages with Microsoft Notepad (he has most SGML and HTML commands memorized, as well as javascript and java). Climatology and seismology, and their possible inter-relationship are his passionate study. To access a current resume of his diverse experience, click here.